Brock Lesnar's hands are bigger than any UFC glove available

Brock Lesnar famously had some of the largest hands of any fighter to ever compete in the UFC and it seems his hands have somehow gotten even bigger ahead of his return this weekend.

In the latest episode of "UFC Embedded", Lesnar arrives in Las Vegas for his first fight in five years and he immediately tests out the gloves that he'll use to hopefully punch through Mark Hunt to get a win.

Lesnar actually wore size-4XL gloves for his debut fight against Frank Mir in 2008, but it seems his hands actually have increased in size over the years.

"When you tape my hands, I don't know if you'll get the glove on," Lesnar said as he tried out the 4XL gloves. "I won't be able to close my hand. Do you have a 5X?"

Unfortunately, the equipment representative from the UFC tells Lesnar the 4XL glove is the largest one available.

From the sound of things, the UFC will be doing some bending and stretching of the gloves over the next couple of days to make sure it fits Lesnar's gigantic mitts.

"I'll make it work," Lesnar assures them. 

After checking in for his new gloves, Lesnar gets back to the regular routine of fight week activities, including a round of interviews as well as sitting down to sign UFC 200 fight posters alongside some of the other athletes on the card.

Even UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, who faces Diego Sanchez on Saturday night, was excited to see Lesnar back in the building as he prepares for the co-main event slot on the card.

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